elaquent – the scenic route

Elaquent - The Scenic Route coverIf there’s one guy that never fails to deliver on each new release, it’s Elaquent. On the 28th of March, the french Stillmuzik label put out his 2012 release called The Scenic Route.


It’s amazing to hear how flawlessly “The Scenic Route” falls in line with his earlier released In Color series. Each release in itself is a gem, and when you listen to them in a chronological order you’ll find an underlying beauty in the progression of this beatsmith. Each release is basically a marker on  the already wide map outlining his broadening style and perfection thereof. The same goes for the production: over time it becomes smoother, which lays more emphasis on the little subtleties (beat-switches, melodic layering, sample loops) who in turn intensify the overall mood of every track.


For me, it dropped at right moment. Being completely immersed in checking out the more electronic oriented corners of beat music, a warm and more hip hop based album came as a fresh breeze to my ears. Next to that, the 40min album is  real comfortable. Through the opening track “Recurring Dream” you just slip right in the groove and that feeling keeps lingering long after you’ve passed the ending “My Apologies”. If you have to wait without anything to do, 40 minutes is a long time, but these 14 tracks make time fly by.


As expected Elaquent demonstrates with ease the way sampling and electronics can work together without interference and loss of soul. “Work Of Art” and “Carpe Diem”  are the outer edge of the sampled side of the album, “No Sense Of Direction” and “Knuckle Sandwich” patrol on the more electronic spectrum, and everything in between is a slick blend of those two. The very welcome featurings are provided by Octavio Santos (“Grey Poupon”), Kae (“Black Magic”) and Coincidence & Bahwee (“Palm Tree Shit”).


“The Scenic Route” is a textbook example on how to make loop-based compositions exciting without using long intro’s to build anticipation. Get this sunday chill at the Stillmuzik Bandcamp digitally for $8,80 or as limited edition vinyl (500 copies, digital release included) for $16.


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