coldsweat – swipe mix volume 7 [download]

ColdSweat - Swipe Mix Volume 7 coverQueensday and Liberation Day came and went.  It may be nothing for our non-NL readers, but we guys are pretty big on these 2 events that take place within one week. So now it’s back to life, back to reality and most and foremost: back to music.


Let’s start of easy. Well text-wise that is: This 7th promo mix for the Utrecht-based Swipe party is far from easy listening. Head honcho ColdSweat has prepared another dope selection of bass-driven tunes to shine a light on his genre bending club night. Courtesy of the umbrella organization Planet KL you can bug out on a bit of hip hop, bass, juke, acid, future 2step, bounce, and other sub destroying styles. Better check the tracklist below the soundcloud player and GET-GET-GET.. GET LOOSE NOW.


Planet KL website
Planet KL Twitter
Swipe FB
Swipe Youtube channel



1. Mux Mool – Get yer alphabets (guns)
2. MDZ – My type (Dj Nephets remix)
3. Krampfhaft – Hyper dreaming
4. Salva – Yellobone – (Shlohmo & 2KWTVR remix)
5. Machinedrum – What u wanted to feel (Pixelord remix)
6. Wheez-ie – Step one
7. Baobinga & Hyetal – Trouble
8. Slick Shoota – 8 bit beauty
9. Slick Shoota ft 5kin&bone5- Hit the flow
10. Various – Bside
11. Dj Manny – All i do is smoke trees
12. Machinedrum – Nastyfuckk
13. Traxman – 1988
14. Wheez-ie – Whores
15. Kingstone – Cognition riddim
16. Om Unit – Swimming dragon
17. Om Unit – Swimming dragon (Ital Tek remix)
18. Pixelord – Crzy
19. Louis Blaise – Love and gwalla (Phillip D Kick remix)
20. Free the Robots – Sci-Fidelity
21. Cujo – Cruzer
22. Dj Rashad & Dj Manny ft Brenmar – Stick up
23. King Jammy – Tempo
24. Deft – Bring your thing
25. Dj Rashad & Gant-man – Heaven sent
26. Bambounou – Alpha (Slick Shoota remix)
27. Cedaa ft Distal – 20K
28. Rustie – Dragonfly

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