young montana? – limerence

Young Montana - Limerence album coverOut of the Alpha Pup stable comes Young Montana?: a youngster barely out of his teens but already a sample-collage grandmaster. With no apparent earlier releases (EP’s, single tracks, no-thing) he comes storming in with his 45min debut “Limerence” (2011), which mainly consists of sweet electronic soul and frantic synth antics.


Containing only 1 featuring, “Limerence” is a certified showcase of the UK native’s qualities. Using both samples and synthwork on all the tracks he ensures that no single second sounds the same, and by varying between soulful loop-based tracks and more hectic electronic uptempo beats the release stays well balanced.


On the one hand, tracks like Sacre Cool, Bad.Day and Midnight Snacks will appease the listener who appreciates grooves and atmosphere, while Hot Heathrr, Legwrap and especially Connct are pure dancefloor destroyers. While having such a split is often the exact point where releases go wrong (having tracks that are either too monotonic, or too messed up it results in chaos), Young Montana? neatly pushes his tracks to the edge without tripping over it.


Check out the video’s below, listen to the whole album on his website or just buy the digital only release.