iamnobodi – elevated

IAMNOBODI - Elevated coverSoulection is going really well this year, pumping out quality releases on the regular. On the 1st of October, they put out the first ‘official’ release (not counting “Meanwhile“) by German beatsmith IAMNOBODI, which captures the moods and beats of this years slow-and-atmospheric vibe, but just a liiiittle bit different. In other words: If you’re into that R&B melodic vibe, you don’t want to miss out on this one!


In stead of going the clean, electronic route with 808 drums and crispy digital synths, IAMNOBODI applies a more dusty feeling without sounding too oldschool. Hollow kicks and warm synths are the approach, as well as using percussion more in the background but extensive enough to get a really smooth rolling feeling.


The first four tracks do have a modern approach, with trickling hi-hats on Do What You Love and cut-up Sunshine Anderson vocals and end-of-bar snare/percussion fills on Temptation. Maputo Dance has a nice freaky bass synth plus pitched up and down vocals, while a groovy  two-step rhythm below a LFO’d filtered synths and dreamy lead really pushes Heaven’s Gate forward. By putting the emphasis on the kick and the snare mix-wise, the tracks keep their dancefloor appeal.


From here on the release gets a more relaxed feel, somewhat reminiscant of the beats used in early 2000 R&B records. Although it would probably fit perfectly, we’re in luck that there’s not some over-rated model singing with way too much vibrato on these tracks. That would definitely steal too much attention from the beautiful main melodics we hear on Bubble Bath Dreams, One For My Kids and Elevated.


Then you have three more tracks that sit really nicely between the modern and R&B feel. Life In Pictures sounds like a song for two Trap-heads that are in love, with its pounding but rolling drums and swaying long synths. For the more groovy Hip Hop heads there’s Paralyzed, with head-nodding drums and a groovy electro-funk bassline. The beat-switch that also returns at the end of the track gives it just that little extra juice to spice up the track. On Lawd She Bad the beat is again a bit more conventional, but the abstract backdrop of pads, rhythmic vocals and fx give it that 2013 vibe.


Contrary to his name, IAMNOBODI is definitely somebody you should keep your ear on, because if “Elevated” proves one thing, its that there are great things to come from this slick producer. The release is available at Bandcamp, Facebook here, Twitter here, Soundcloud here and check out 2 tracks below.