kratos himself – a town called imaginarium [download]

Kratos Himself - A Town Called Imaginarium coverAnother great release for this season is “Kratos Himself – A Town Called Imaginarium“. Normally we would write up a review ourselves, but in this case the folks at Sound Colour Vibration did an excellent Q&A with the producer that really sums up the EP in such a way we couldn’t really complement!


So let’s keep this short ‘n simple: The 7-track EP contains oldschool late 90s jazzy downtempo. Not the instrumental Hip-Hop looping kind, but the more extensive soundscape variant. I would dare say that fans of DJ Shadow’s first album would be instant fans because of the sampled feel, and it would also appeal to people who have seen Bonobo perform with his live band because of the overall atmosphere. Thick beats and drumloops, amazing ethereal instrumentalism, but still very accessible and simply beautiful music.


We’ll be awaiting his forthcoming release on JusLikeMusic with great anticipation!


Head over to Sound Colour Vibration for the Q&A, grab the EP for NYP at Bandcamp and show Kratos some gratitude on your platform of choice: Facebook, Twitter or Soundcloud.