kijk een ster – night out ep [download]

Kijk Een Ster - Night Out EP coverAfter being featured on compilations by Saturate!Records and Lomechanik, the Dutch electronic producer Kijk Een Ster (translation: Look A Star) has finally released his first EP. “Night Out” contains 6 feelgood Electro-Funk infused tracks, with beats ranging from 80s styled Synth-Funk to Hip-Hop.


As the name suggests, the release has been built on the idea of going a night out, and every title covers a part of a night out that we all can relate to.
Do U Wanna Get Freaky (ft. Mo) is a quirky rendition of teasing that one person you’ve spotted on the dancefloor (whether they are new or not). Simple but groovy drums, 80s funk chords combined with little stabs, a savvy little melody and ofcourse the right on the spot almost-naughty vocals.


After that initial mating ritual has passed, it’s obvious that you two hit it off really good. All I Want Is Rock With You (ft. Joya Mooi) captures that feeling of mutual attraction and finding comfort in each other beautifully, with its easy sweeping pads, intense but complacent bassline and the cute vocals by Joya. As with the previews track, this one’ll definitely keep you on the dancefloor.


At some point you will want to take a smoke-break or just hang out at the bar for some Conversations. This Hip-Hop infused interlude is light in every way: the beat keeps on head-nodding, there are some LFO’d and filtered synths and the bassline is sublime in its easyness. All this creates a nice back-drop for the words being exchanged to and fro, in this case portrayed by some nice high-pitched and quirky arped bleeps.


By now it’s getting later and later, the booze is flowing richly and the vibe is good. In other words it’s time to Break A Leg On The Dancefloor. You might think that’s because everyone is wildin’ out, but the opposite is true. Everybody is getting their sexy groove on and, like a peacock, is trying to show everyone their best moves. Feeling a little slower but definitely not lacking in tempo, the square bass warmly vibrates and the little lead will make you smile a bit. And that reversed clap will get everybody sliding from left to right in perfect unison.


The night is coming to an end and everyone knows it. The bar shouts ‘last round!’ and the DJ is quickly putting on his best-for-last tracks to get the floor filled one more time. Deep Is The Midnight Sea breathes that feeling of drowsiness, combined with that nag that you don’t want to go home yet. There’s more lead-work on this track than the previous ones, but Kijk Een Ster keeps it simple as it should be for your last moves. The bassline is thick, the strings compliment the beat and everything is just both in place as well as just a little off.


It’s time to head home, and although you’re content with the outlook of going to sleep you keep thinking ‘damn, he/she is still On My Mind (ft. Mo & +Battery-). And that’s because you like to funk with them, as the vocal states.  Like Conversations the closing track has a nice head-nodding beat, and the vocals, synths and bassline together form a satisfied. Some extra funk is added by a little jazzy guitar that matches the notes of the vocals, and a little organ that is flowing from the background to the front from time to time. Time to put the lights out.


Where other contemporary Electro-Funk artists go hard on the intricate synth-work with dissonant melodies and minute-long solo’s, or go Pop 80s doing Miami Vice styled tracks, Kijk Een Ster uses the restro style of synth-playing to create a comfortable and easy EP. The melodics are sweet and never overbearing, and switching up the drumstyle takes care of the variation that others may miss. Download the “Kijk Een Ster – Night Out.” EP on Bandcamp (Name Your Price, a.k.a. free), and don’t forget to connect through Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.