dpat – in bloom

Dpat - In Bloom coverThe seasons are switching up and the festival-season is almost over, so it’s  time to dive into some of that sweet late-night music! With impeccable timing, in the last week of August Soulection released a fitting kick-off effort to start Autumn with, namely Dpat – In Bloom“.


With the days getting shorter by the minute and the sun slowly being pushed back by the rain, the need rises to just kick back in the evening for at least half an hour and do completely nothing. And to keep your mind from wandering, it’s always good to have a little something that’s unconnected to yourself to focus on. “In Bloom” contains 7 beautiful slow tracks to distract you just enough to keep the day-to-day things at bay.


To say that this release is an excercise in subtlety is true, but definitely an understatement. In the first seconds of Bodyheat you’re immediately thrown into a light but moody state by the vinyl-crackling infused Rhodes chords and sultry vocal cuts. The hi-hats and percussive elements in the light beat that joins in make sure you won’t drift away too far. Occasionally a trickling marimba-like melody drizzles by, and the track has a warm backdrop of guitar loops and licks. When the track reaches its end you will be compelled by the hypnotzing female vocals to ‘don’t say a word’.


By now the mood is set and there’s room for a little more intensity. The tempo is being slowed down a little further on Above Us, a track that features Sango and vibrant but lush vocals by Isles. The combination of chords and the edited vocals alone are enough to carry the track, but the light background melody and extra vocal sweeps add a little extra atmosphere. The beat is minimal throughout the track but gets bumped a bit more to the forefront in the last phase of the track, just before everything fades into the night.


Where the previous tracks focused on creating a general laid-back atmosphere, on Over Dpat gets a little deeper and darker. The drums are more at the forefront and feature some extensive breaks at points, the mood has switched from light to misty, and the melodics and vocal cuts stand out more so that they’re more gripping. The guitar licks and the upfront use of delays give the track a haunting touch, but everything still feels very soulful.


To counteract the somwehat darker vibe, Flourish (ft. Atu) starts of with sweet reverberated jazzy guitar chords, accompanied by dreamy vocal cuts. Again the beat is slow, but never lackluster due to detail in the hi-hats and percussion. The reverb on all the instruments goes so deep it feels like steam coming off a hot natural spring. Although the track is very melodic, it’s also very abstract, giving it the same feel as the first 2 tracks, except the overall touch is much lighter.


Cutthroat has an obvious more electronic feel, which is evident from the starting filtered synth stabs. Again the track feeds off abstracted vocal cuts, but since they’re layered and laced with cute little synths they never become boring. The melodics have a dragging feel, as if they were waves pushed forward by the drumkit, crashing softly at the end of each cycle. Although the title might suggest otherwise, this is yet another sweet and melancholic song.


The darker touch of Dpat gets another go on Deloused, which center is a little 4-note twinkling melody. Dark maybe isn’t the right description, but the track does ooze the feeling of longing for something unreachable. The build-up reflects that, with the instruments coming in one at a time and culminating in the most bombastic climax on the EP. The added overdriven electric guitar only adds more power to an already intense track.


As the closing track, Bloom contains all the elements that have been featured in the rest of the EP: Slow drums but sequenced with care, moody chords, sweeping synths and sexy vocal cuts. Definitely one of the top tracks on the EP, but by now you should be so relaxed that you couldn’t care less about a description of this track.


Dpat – In Bloom” is a very warm and cozy EP, with a sound that is both fragile and compelling. Every track is clean and subtle, like a slow ripple through the water on a clear day. It’s both sexy and soothing, making it ideal for hanging back without a care in the world. It’s no wonder he has collaborated with The Weeknd, and is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. You can buy the EP through the Soulection Bandcamp, connect through Facebook and Twitter, and check out more tracks on Soundcloud.