dia – bang [download]

Dia - Bang internet coverThere’s no better way to end a blogging hibernation than by posting a release one of your own people did. Definitely if he’s dropped a tight mix depicting exactly what popular Trap music is about at this very moment, and also since it’s his first public mix in y-e-a-r-s.


Being a Hip Hop Uomo Universale skilled in graffiti, DJ’ing, MC’ing, beatboxing, beatmaking, breaking… stuff, it was only a matter of time before Dia would lay his hands on Trap and bust out the goods. Combine this hard-hitting genre with Dia’s signature style of playing bangers only, and you’ve got a certified mix that’ll rip any dancefloor apart.


“Dia – Bang” is a 33 minute tight compilation of slamming popular Trap music, and for those who still don’t know what that is: For anyone who’s both into Hip Hop and any form of Dance music, Trap is the ultimate contemporary crossover. Heavy basses, dry kicks, a shitload of snares and hihats, soaring synths reminiscent of 90′s rave and ofcourse a lot of cut up/screwed hip hop acapalla’s. Top that of with risers, lasers and horns and you’ve got a genre that’ll make a group of  dubstep-loving youngsters pulling a bass-face look like a bunch of pussies. Let’s be upfront about this: there’s nothing intelligent going on here. Trap is here to go get stupid on.


Dia - Bang cover Dia - Bang inside


On Bang, Dia puts on some of the already big names next to on-line finds and newcomers. RL Grime, CRNKN, R4, Flosstradamus, Gents & Jawns, Yellow Claw, Baauer and LOUDPVCK to name just a few. Everything is mixed into a quick and snappy whole without losing the overall vibe. This means that in the amazing 33 minutes you are listening you’ll get around 23 tracks in your face. You do the math on the average playing time per song. Of course the remixes are well represented. Before the introduction of house music in the 80s, a remix meant simply a prolonged or slightly altered version of a recorded track. Skip 30 years and your release won’t be complete without at least 2 remixes from hot names. Missy Elliot, The Prodigy, Justice, Die Antwoord and Jay-Z all get a proper make-over in this set.


Whether you want to annoy your neighbours, get wild for the night, or just want too see how fast that pen gets vibrated off your desk, Dia – Bang is a must-have. Oh and so far this set has the best intro of 2013. Play and download the mix in the Soundcloud player below, and be sure to give Dia a follow and a comment on this sizzling hot mix!