ini movement – de gulden snede [download]

INI Movement - De Gulden Snede coverYesterday the INI Movement released their first compilation, called “De Gulden Snede”. One glance at the tracklist quickly underlines the title, which is the Dutch translation for the golden ratio. The roster for this 14-track release boasts all digital artists, with a division between the more electronic side and the more natural side of music.


The line-up features some really nice names (some of which you’ve seen here before), and what they all have in common, is that they produce good and deep music. Deep meaning more than just a beat and a main theme that’ll get anyone on the floor. Even if it isn’t soul, this compilation is stuffed with soulful music. Whether the tracks are synthy or sampled, they will (with an exception of 1 or 2 tunes) shake that weight of your shoulders and (re)spark your imagination.


Running for 56 minutes and featuring crisp artwork from Suzanne Lustig & Bastiaan van Druten, the release is a solid debut compilation from the INI people which’ll make you lust for more. Downtempo, bass, beats, jungle, experimental, whatever your favourite beat-driven style is, you’ll find it here.


After listening (and writing to) to “De Gulden Snede” just once, I ditched my track-by-track review because this really a release that everyone should discover for themselves. Every track is like a little trip into the unknown, and I wouldn’t want to spoil that for anyone reading this. So here’s the tracklist:


01 – Sjef Rolet – The Proem
02 – Know V.A. – Dawn
03 – Pcm – Hot Sshh
04 – Moods – Influence
05 – ParaDice – Poipoi
06 – Moiety – Nock
07 – RovesĀ  ( & – Do You Know
08 – Sly Maceo – Didn’t Even Know
09 – Umoja – ZuchoMaya
10 – Brugele – East Reach (Contreau Remix)
11 – Manik – Electronic Love
12 – Kijk Een Ster & Raadsel – Cat Without A Name
13 – Oby Nine & Deon Custom – Wasted Wandering
15 – Nangdo – Coco Eyes


You can grab the release over at the INI Movement Bandcamp, and follow them on Facebook and Soundcloud. Two of my favorite tracks of the release are Youtube’d below!