umoja – palago [download]

Umoja - Palago coverSome talk dirty about re-edits, some just like to dance and don’t care one bit. I used to be opposed to it a lot, but throughout the years it dawned on me that re-edits are just a silent lesson as sampling in general is: they are showcasing (parts of) both the hits and forgotten gems of past generations. Ofcourse the basic re-edit usually just preps the old track in a way that it would fit contemporary dancefloors, and wouldn’t mess up the mix by going all out of the grid. But there are also re-edits that grab the original track and build around the feeling that emits, while leaving less of the original arrangement intact and adding new elements. In comes the latest release of the Hungarian based ‘freestyle’ Budabeats label.


Umoja’s Palago is a 30min free release containing 6 funk-heavy tracks that would as fit as easily in the dance department as it does in the funk/jazz corner. Although always ranking high in the dance department, you wouldn’t really expect such an ethnic-afro vibe to come out of my own little country called The Netherlands. On the other hand, it’s a mixed country of people, ideas and well, quiet rebellion. So while Dutch people are going hard on all the Bass and Trap music, it’s only fitting that Umoja dropped this groovy analog feeling release in the midst of all that electronic mayhem.



Although the whole release is 4/4 based beat-wise, it’s certainly not static. All tracks are pumping and groovy tracks that’ll make your body shake while retaining an easy and happy vibe. The samples are carefully chosen and layered in such a way that everytime you feel you’ve ran into a loop it will turn around and surprise you. Overused drumloops are not being shunned, they are actually designed sonically in such a way that keeps them familiar while adding some before unheard excitement.


The playfulness in sample cuts combined with the superb blending of new drums makes it hard to pinpoint what was sampled and what was added later. The re-arrangement feels so natural that it seems at times that the music isn’t put together by two guys, but just played by a band. At no point will you encounter any sounds that stand out or experience breaks that feel wrong. The added vocal cuts are an added bonus, bringing the overall instrumental tracks just up a notch above your average groove-track. You’ll find yourself wondering whether you’re listening to afro-funk, deephouse or latin grooves.


Budabeats is a genre-hopping label, but they always release quality music that has a deep feeling. That’s why “Palago” fits perfectly. Grab and listen to single tracks or the whole release here, head over to Umoja’s Souncloud here and connect with Budabeats on Facebook.