tryezz – night driven ep [download]

Tryezz - Night Driven EP coverSince the beginning of funk music, it has been re-invented every 10 years or so, under different names. In essence I always like to break it down into two types: funk played by traditional bands and electronic funk. Both styles will withstand the test of time, no questions asked: People will want to get their boogie on either way, and both types have left their marks on pretty much every uptempo style of music. The big difference between band-funk and electronic funk is that the original style is one that stands on its own, while the electronic variant feeds on whatever contemporary dance music in ‘in’, with varied results popularity-wise.


Electronic funk has actually been dodging the public ear from some years, but since the late 2000′s has been gradually creeping back onto the dancefloors. Come 2010, it has been embraced once again and now you can’t go to a party without moving your feet to a funk-influenced track every 15 minutes.


So all is well in the land of funky dance music, whether it’s Purple Dubstep, Funky House, Future Garage and whatnot. You got Opolopo bringing that massive 80s influenced electro-funk, and on the other side B. Bravo kicking chilled-out beat-based funk. But who’s going to fill that gap in between, which is not as frantic and throwback as the 80s, but also not as crossed over into beats?


Well, guys like Tryezz are going to fill it, with releases like Night Driven EP that came out on Soulection yesterday. 5 tracks, 21 minutes, pure modern electronic funk. You’ll dive right in on the first track called Cruise Control, with a heavy bass, short off-beat delayed synth stabs and an oldschool modulated lead. Put some in-your-face and slightly satured snappy drums under it and you’ll find yourself groovin’ within the first 30 seconds. A little piano is being added over saw-based filter pads to add some warmth that emphasized the simple but very effective lead.


Window Down sounds exactly like Tryezz stated in the promo: “Night Driven EP” provides the backdrop for that much needed night drive to clear the mind.”. The bare intro sounds like going from zero to the maximum acceleration point, and after that it’s smooth sailing with soft pads over some hardcore funk drum-computer kicks and claps. The main lead is slow and dragging, and nicely being pushed by the backdrop of heavy rides and sparkling stabs. Nearing the end, the low bassline even gets a small solo spot, like taking your foot off the gas and just letting the car fade out to a natural stopping point.


After that starting rush it’s time to ease up a bit on the tempo, and smoothly cruise to Hwy 153 North, which is kind of a stargazer theme. Again the sparkling little stabs provide a bed of twinkling stars that floats by on a grooved-out but easy-going drumsequence. The repetitive lead comes and goes, accentuating the feeling of just breezing down an out of the way road, watching the night sky float by. After this melancholic dip it’s time to raise up, smell the gasoline and get on our way. The theme song to that feeling is 2:45am, also a groovy easy-going track, but this time with a more feel-good touch. The bassline focuses more on the mids, giving it a rounder feel, while the piano goes back to back with a fluttering mini-lead over some strong pads. Halfway through the song all the melodics modulate up, completing the feeling of ecstacy.


After this high, it’s to head up to the next destination of the trip, wherever that may be. Ride On is the perfect ending track, with a synthy bassline that follows an early 80s sequence style, accompanied by pad stabs and the complimentary mini-lead to end every 8th bar. The double start kickdrum and thick clap accompany you to the end of the track, where the boogie track slowly fades out.


Even if you didn’t know this EP was to capture the feeling of a night drive, you would definitely be pulled into that magnificent feeling from the moment you press play. Get the release here for whatever you got in your pockets, connect with Tryezz on Facebook and Twitter, and don’t forget to check out the other 15 Soulection releases.