cloud. – bandit veranda [download]

Cloud. - Bandit Veranda coverClouds are formed by nature, and nature does what it pleases. You can say the same for the music by Cloud., who put out his latest release called Bandit Veranda last night. You can argue whether it’s a mini-album (runtime: 30mins) or a beattape, both terms won’t do justice to this organic piece of work.


It’s simply amazing how Cloud. cuts his samples and then blends them with the drums in such a way that it feels like the final product should’ve ended up the way it did, and not in any other form: It’s raw and subtle at the same time. He doesn’t shun to use more obscure, abstract and psych samples, while at the same time cutting up ‘simpler’ music as soul, funk and disco. The placement and packaging of the samples is simply one of a kind. Whereas most beat-makers wrap a sample within a beat, Cloud.’s track feel like they’re first of all formed by messing around with the sample in a sublime way, and the drums are just the icing on the cake.


So, what does it sound like? I hate comparing artists, but hey, it makes explaining easier. Let’s say you take a bit of Dilla, a bit of Onra, Malcom Kipe, 40Winks, Brenk, Krush, Kankick, Noon, and whatever beat artist that takes a different path from the mainstream. Blend all of that together and you might come close to Cloud..


One thing’s for certain, you’ll hardly find any 8- or 16-bar loops in Cloud.’s music. Everything has been ripped apart into pieces and put together in a totally new and fresh way, making every beat into a new listening journey. A lo-fi journey that is, since everything sounds worn out and beaten down. Accompanied by vocal cuts from music and movies, and laid over not-so-apparent drumsamples, the album has a really unique feel while still remaining heavy set in the sampled beats genre.


The more I’m trying to write about “Bandit Veranda”, the harder it becomes to describe it. So I suggest you just download it here, along with all the other releases he’s been putting up on Bandcamp since 2008 (!). Facebook here, Soundcloud there and as always 2 clips below. Enjoy!