birdview crew – august.ep [download]

Birdview Crew - August EP coverThe worldwide Birdview Crew has been dropping free monthly releases since May 2012, and they take the term beats in the broadest sense. Whether it’s downtempo,  hip hop, housey, dubstep’ish, new- or old-styled instrumentals, if it’s worth listening to, they’ll take it. So here it is: The August.EP.


Calling it an EP doesn’t really do it justice since the running time is the same as the albums people drop today: around 45mins. With about 40 contributors to the crew it would be a difficult task to compile something smaller, and even more difficult to drop a release on which you wouldn’t find any of 15 tracks to your liking. Funny enough there’s only one name that was already put up on this site, which gives me the cozy feeling that there’s still enough out there on the web to discover. For free.


The compilation is so diverse that its value lies more in the field of discovering new beat-styles than in continuity. That’s not a bad thing per sé, but the lack of (good) mastering makes the transition between tracks a bit dodgy from time to time. Luckily that’s something you’ll forget after a couple of seconds, since the tracks themselves are all pretty nice.



The sampled offgrid hiphop styled beats of Languid, Afryx Q and Christian MO, and the downtempo fused tracks by Maximoe, Forrest Blunt and Ryddm will please the more traditional heads. Aceloria & Knownaim provide the only track with vocals, the combining a slow head-nodding beat with electronics making for a nice step-up to the more digital tracks. Kaees, Planetmälcolm and Damnesia-Vu provide the more chilled out side of the electronic spectrum, where Rylee Rabbit, Basti Haze and Kruisemode take care of the more dancefloor oriented side. Delosbeat neatly fills in the leftover dubby techno-spot, and Aether takes care of the more Brainfeeder’ish lovers.


The diversity of “Birdview Crew – August.EP” might give you a bit chaotic feel, but in the end I’m sure everyone will keep this compilation lying around because of their own little personal gems. Download the release here for free, like on Facebook and check out the other releases on Bandcamp.