oby nine – weightless [download]

Oby Nine - Weightless coverJust when I thought I was saturated with that 8-bit fake sound and could take no more, a link to Oby Nine‘s January release “Weightless” drifted by in my Facebook newsfeed (what up Maximoe!). Ok I never had a Nintendo Gameboy but I did grow up in the late 80s/early 90s a.k.a. the golden era of Amiga/PC chiptunes, so when it comes to 8-bit sounds it’s an understatement to say I’m biased.


I love that chip-sound when it’s used in it’s used in one of it’s original forms: Gameboy, SID-chip or handdrawn or programmed waveforms. All that ‘let’s use a 8-bit VSTi or degraded MicroKorg patch and throw some hip beats on it’ just doesn’t cut it after years of drooling over cheesy cracktro music. So when I started the first track Got To Be Free of the “Weightless” EP I was a bit sceptic. But hey, someone who grooves an electro hip hop beat on top of some synthsweeps, and dares to cut up a Beatles vocal over it, deserves to be listened to.


And although I haven’t checked out his free full-length release “Illusive Adventure” (also a free download), the switch-up at the end of Got To Be Free surely sparked my interest, wanting to check out the other 5 tracks of the release more and more.


And surely Oby Nine immediately delivers on the 2nd track To Be Weightless: Sure that oldschool synthy feel is still there because of the short (chord) stabs, but there’s nothing left in the arrangement that would remind you of an oldschool rip-off. The track is well put on a not too up-front UK Bass drumline with a groovy but extensive melodic composition. Oh and after the Beatles it’s now time for some Hendrix, ya dig? Next up is Float On, a title that, in combination with the intro pads, would make you think it’ll be an easy tune. Wrong! When the dubstep’ish beat kicks in you’ll still be floating in your head, but your body will be doing some well-deserved dancefloor exercise.


Sound Waves continues this vibe of light synths over a funky garage/2step influenced beat. The top synths stay smooth, the saw-waved chords keep sweeping and the percussion is A-OK. The next track Now Fly could actually be mixed in directly, since I only noted it being a separate track after the second run of listening. With a more apparent lead-synth this is one of the most melodic tracks on the EP, while never losing the easy but uplifting beat-sequence. The release nicely comes to closure with In This Lucid Adventure, which touches more on the atmospheric side while the beat is just a small addition to keep things going until the end.


I’m still not sure if the tracks should be longer than around 3mins apiece, so why don’t you throw in your two cents after checking out Oby Nine’s “Weightless” for free here. Show some love on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.