iamichi – edit:one [download]

HeartsBeats filler imageTime to drop a personal favorite mix of mine: “Edit:One” by Ichi, who was known as DJ Irie when he did the set back in 2001. I can’t really recall where I got this, but seeing the release date and the ultra-laid back vibe I’m sure I have to credit Mentz.


Returning readers are already aware of HeartsBeats’ deep love for (oldschool) downtempo music, but let’s explain it short ‘n simple for any newcomer: To us, the basis of all contemporary beat music started with downtempo and instrumental hip hop. In other words that 90s ‘ish. Times change, styles change but the unmistakeable arrangement centered around 4, 8 and 16 bar loops, containing variation mostly in the last bar, is still there. Combine that stolen element from early house music with a lower tempo, samples and a moody atmosphere, and you’ve got beat-music.


Back in 2001 I was still fiddling with trackers to make music, and I hit every style I knew. Hardcore, trance, drum and bass, lounge, game music, chiptunes, techno, electro, hip hop, whatever. Mentz was already heavy on that downtempo and cinematic jazz tip, and he was the one that told me back then just to make what you love. I still wonder what I would be making if he hadn’t given me this mix.


The mix contains tracks by some of the hottest names back than, which by now are considered 100% classic artists: Fila Brazillia, Lemon Jelly, K&D, Sofa Surfers and so on. After over 10 years of listening to this mix I can tell you one thing: it doesn’t matter if you feel good or bad, whether it’s sunny or grey outside, if you’re alone or together, wanting to wake up or go to sleep, whatever you do this is a full hour of music that’ll ease you down and lift your spirit. And looking back at the tools you had at hand back then the blending quality of this set is way above par. I have no idea if this a turntable or computer cut-n-paste mix (timestretching was a bitch back then and beatmatching didn’t even exist), either way it’s smoothness is simply genius.


Containing mostly tracks of a sample-low grade, the set focuses on the more melodic side of downtempo. In stead of hypnotic sampled loops over breakbeats it features a lot of pads, sequenced basslines and sweeping minimal melodies of kit-based drums. This composition gives the set an easier touch for a wider public. Sweet and simple are the keywords.


Listen to and download the mix below and check out Ichi’s soundcloud page for more free mixes in multiple styles. Tracklist can be found below the mix.


01. Fila Brazillia – Throwing Down A Shape
02. After Hour – This Is Acid Jazz
03. Lemon Jelly – Cold Fusion
04. Lemon Jelly – Come
05. Kruder and Dorfmeister – Original Bedroom Rockers
06. Sofa Surfers – Sofa Rockers (Kruder and Dorfmeister Remix)
07. Thievery Corporation – Shoalin Satelite
08. Baby Mammoth – Dark Goggles
09. Peace Orchestra – Shining (Cold Weather Version)
10. Peace Orchestra – Domination
11. Peace Orchestra – Meister Petz
12. Kruder and Dorfmeister – Eastwest (Mamma Oliver)
13. Fila Brazillia – Heat Death Of The Universe
14. Baby Mammoth – Mysterious Muses
15. Peace Orchestra – Who Am I