electronic explorations – ee compilation

Electronic Explorations -EE Compilation coverHey readers! I would like you to take a second off the music, and turn that second in a couple of minutes to think about all your favorite music-oriented blogs/podcasts/netlabels/e-zines/etc. What- or whoever your favorite is, you can be certain they started out small, doing what they do because of the love for the music.


Think about the articles you loved, the mixes you were tripping on, the freebies you got, the interviews with your favorite artists and especially the new music you’ve discovered. All because one kid or a couple of people sat down and decided to claim their little space on the web because they wanted to share their music with you.


Take one more step and try to comprehend what a tremendous amount of time is invested in these sites you’ve bookmarked: picking genres to focus on, decide on a domain-name, arrange for someone to make a logo, get a design for the site, get someone to cram that design into HTML/CMS/blog-engines. Find the music you want to write about/plug, buy the music, connect with artists, make mixes, maintain the site/facebook/twitter/soundcloud/mixcloud/etc. And write the damn articles ofcourse. And let’s not forget the SEO stuff, uploading on youtube, marketing the site, tagging your articles and spamming everyone nuts.


Next to all that time you put into the site, marketing, keeping relations and all that, you need to spend more time to make money. Money to pay for the domain, the hosting, the premium accounts on bandcamp/soundcloud/mixcloud, the bandwith, extra website space. If you’ve never ran a site or had a stuffed account on these ‘social’ sites you might think it’s all free. It’s not. And when you grow you need more space, more bandwith, a better design, a heavier and more versatile CMS, and taking care of everything will take more time.


Now take a little step back, because I’m not talking HeartsBeats here. We’re still nice and small and at the moment it only takes the time and effort of 1 or 2 guys/girls. No I’m talking about Rob Booth’s creation called Electronic Explorations: “a Download / Podcast show which promises totally exclusive mixes from the cream of the electronic world; deviously crafted patchworks of carefully sewn rhythms, sonic contortions and delicate melodies – dubstep, UK Bass, techno and anything else that’s pushing the boundaries of electronic music.” As you can read on the About page of the site, this isn’t just a guy who randomly decided to sit down one day and write about what he thinks is cool.


It’s amazing to see what one man with one idea can do in just a couple of years, and it’s sad to read that his success has surpassed the means to maintain that success. As stated on Bandcamp: “I can no longer support the running costs and I need your support.” Luckily those years of hard work have paid off. Not yet in hard cold cash, but that’s where you come in. EE needs your money, at least £5,- of it, just to keep doing what is has been doing: providing you with quality music, freebies, reviews, livesets, you name it.


And what do you get for that little slice out of your bank account? 61 unreleased tracks of artists like Akkord, Bong-Ra, Chrissy Murderbot, Cursor Miner, Deadfader, Drumcorps, Enduser, Ital Tek, Kahn, Loops Haunt, Machinedrum, Milanese, Neil Landstrumm, Phaeleh, Roel Funcken, Stormfield, The Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble, Timeblind, Wisp, and many, many more. The Electronic Explorations – EE Compilation features almost 6 hours of cutting-edge electronic music covering all genres from ambient to breakcore.


So next to getting a shitload of dope quality music, you can pride yourself in lifting in keeping this awesome platform alive. Get the 61-track compilation here, now.