urkelle – when her language goes on holiday ep

Urkelle - When Her Language Goes On Holiday coverThe latest Lomechanik release is by one of the many monikers of Utrecht-based Steve Mensink, of which we had the pleasure to check out the live set in Club Up (Amsterdam) last saturday. Accompanied by vocalist Loes Jongerling and his self-made midi controllers the humble man highlighted the evening with his syncopated rhythms and original synth sounds.


Taking the repetitive groove from techno, the deep feel of bass music and the variation element of IDM, Urkelle combines them into an adventurous mix with constant changes, while keeping the overall sound easy on the ears. It hits hard when you’re on the dancefloor, and you’ll be amazed by the intricacy of the arrangements when listening at home.


“When Her Language Goes On Holiday” features four in-style tracks of 15 minutes total. The A1 track Tess Goon is a hypnotizing minimal uptempo groover which nicely utilizes a shifting arp-like melody and number vocal cuts for breaks. The groove continues, although a tad lighter, on the more dubby Darcy Dobins. Starting off with frequency-cut synths, the track transforms halfway into a funky percussion-driven mix that gives it a 2step/garage vibe.


Switching over to the B-side, Steve takes on a more hands-on approach with Mary Jane, using a bit more static drumsequence, leaving more focus for the repetitive LFO’d synth to push the drive. This darker sound continues on B2 Eve Loewen, with a more flowing kickdrum and hollowed-out lead synth.


“When Her Languages Goes On Holiday” is a prime example that music can be hard and subtle at the same time. Although the focus clearly lies on the main beats and minimal melodies, not only does the percussion keeps the groove going, there’s a lot of pads, fx and little cuts in the background that’ll keep your hands from turning off the repeat button. Urkelle definitely has a lot to offer to electronic music lovers, whether you’re into techno, bass, dubstep, garage or whatever.


Until the release party on July 6th (Etalage Derde Wal, Nijmegen NL), where you’ll be able to buy the vinyl for a special price, you can already order the release for EUR 8,-. Check out more Urkelle sounds on Soundcloud and like that on Facebook. Embedded below are a quick look at the stylish controllers and the promo for this release. Enjoy!