khaderbai – d’schildchrodd [download]

Khaderbai - D'Schildchrodd coverThe vocal cuts on the intro of Khaderbai’s free release “D’Schildchrodd” say it all.  ‘Diggin’ up old tunes / that’s a life for me / and chillin’ with my best friend / who’s name is MPC’ may sound like a cliché uttered by conservative b-boys stuck in a 90′s mindset, but for those who actually do it, it’s the truth.


Whether you’re getting your fingers dusty by going through thrift store vinyl bins, chasing that rare release on ebay or simply spending hours to find an MP3 encoded version of those obscure albums, the joy of finding that unexpected gem, loop or break stays the same. And don’t you ever forget that we do it for the love of the music, and every track we make should be considered an homage to the original.


This appreciation of timeless compositions made by long-forgotten musical heroes is always most evident in loop-based tracks, and Khaderbai’s 45min album is yet another fine example on how to show gratitude in a contemporary way. The Zurich-based beatmaker has a taste for blending nostalgic sounds and rolling drums, giving the first installment of his Krueml series a sweet downtempo/golden-era-conscious-rap feel.


Although the approach of the Swiss sampler is pretty straight-forward, cutting mostly long bars and repeating on the quarters and halfs, the excellent choice and arrangement of loops ensures that the tracks stay interesting throughout the release. Varying between hypnotizing straight loop tracks like Wintertime & Für D, and more extensive compositions like Dynamo, Khaderbai shows us the power that a couple of seconds of music can have. Shadow has a nice cut-up soul vibe, and Return Of The Clockers is one of those classic piano chords beats.


Get your sunday chill on with “D’Schildchrodd”, which is available for free here (or order the CD), and stay up to date on Khaderbai’s music through Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. Big up to the man himself for submitting this gem through the HeartsBeats e-mail, and for providing an excellent clip to support Wintertime.