jesse futerman: super basement ep & fuse the witches ep [download]

Jesse Futerman - Super Basement EP coverOut of the JusLikeMusic stables comes the new Jesse Futerman EP, but since the previous one is still up for free, let’s hit them both: Super Basement EP and Fuse The Witches EP are two packs filled with sweet laid-back downtempo beats.


Released on the 20th of June, 2011, “Super Basement EP” was a prime example of downtempo still being alive, albeit in the background. Where the style was dark and moody in the late 90s, Jesse Futerman took a different path in the musical forest which seemingly lead to a place where the sun breaks softly through the leaves, the dew on the grass has already began to warm up and where you could be on your own without feeling alone.


In stead of thick and damp beats, anxious and sometimes hectic samples, Futerman flipped this 2k-ready downtempo to a much lighter form without drifting off into the flat easyness of lounge music. “Super Basement EP” is characterized by crisp and light drumbreaks, simple but effective basslines and a slow-paced texture of melancholic samples. Even the two exceptions on this theme, Driva’man and the Barbara Mason tribute A Good Man Is Gone, won’t cast a shadow on your heart.



Jesse Futerman - Fuse The Witches EP coverFast-forward one year to the 4th of June, 2012, and Jesse’s journey continues. This time he has assistance on 2 tracks, respectively by DJ Alibi and Milo (Framework of Sibian & Faun), but that doesn’t make it a less recognizable Futerman release.


Listening to the first track, Dawn Wawn, it’s like the previous EP never stopped playing. The sound has become a bit more thicker, and the sampling has become it a bit rougher, but it’s still a bundle of feelgood chillout music.


While Futerman proves on Interlude (Mad Love To Pancers Deli) that he’s very capable of producing other sounds, the rest of the tracks are strictly downtempo with jazzy piano loops, echoing distant vocals and o fcourse slow but running drums. Style-wise it would be hard to pinpoint exactly which tracks have the assistance of Alibi and Milo, but the collaborations are definitely a welcome one, complimenting Futerman’s already intrinsic tracks with a touch of variation.


The notably beautiful artwork for both releases was done by illustration/collage artist Alice Dufay.


Both EPs are a worthy addition to your library and I would advise to load ‘m up both when listening. Grab “Super Basement EP” here, “Fuse The Witches EP” here, Facebook here and Twitter there. Below on the first row are Basement tracks, and on the second row are two cuts from Witches. Enjoy!