onra – deep in the night ep

Onra - Deep In The Night coverA heads up on the first 2012 release of the German-born French/Asian sensation that goes bij the name Onra: Deep In The Night is a groovy cut-up throwback to 80′s electrofunk.


Since his first release with Quetzal (the 2006 “Present: Tribute”) that was purely based on soul music, Onra slid into digging up old Asian records and has finally ended up cutting up more electronic based gems. Cycling through labels like Bo Bun, Favorite, Label Rouge and All City, “Deep In The Night” was released on A-Trak and Nick CatchdubsFool’s Gold imprint. If you think it’s kinda out of place dropping some robo funk on the same label that brought the Ducksauce smash hit Barbra Streisand, you’d better think twice and check out their release list.


Wide reverberated flat snares, FM synth stabs and chords, short low punchy kicks and snapping bass guitars, it’s all there. Ofcourse there’s a lot of hard (sidechained) compression going on to give it a more modern feel, but that doesn’t kill the warm jet-skiing-at-night atmosphere. Enough variation to keep it exciting, and still not too much so as to keep the sampled feel.



Of the 5 tracks, that run 16:33 in total, there are 2 featurings. T3 (of Slum Village fame) kicks off the album on After Hours, drumwise the most static track on the EP. On the groovy V.B.B., Jay Kin‘s lyrics start off, leaving enough room on the rest of the track open for the always diligent Amalia with her soul-piercing vocalism. The 100% solo tracks are neatly divided between the minimal L.O.V.E., the heart-warming Somewhere (In The Night), and the final slow jam Hold Tight.


“Deep In The Night” is a solid EP, and well worth the $4,95 on iTunes/Beatport. Follow Onra on Twitter, give him some thumbs up on Facebook and check out more tracks on Soundcloud.