2tall, kper and dj clockwork present – a boom bap continuum [download]

2tall, kper and dj clockwork present - a boom bap continuum cover cutNostalgia time! If you were born in the early 80′s and was a head in your teens/tweens, this’ll be trip down memory lane. Ofcourse older cats will know this for sure too, and for the young ones it’ll be like having a history class from that favorite teacher who always had all the good stories.


Together, 2tall, Kper and Clockwork seem to be the Wikipedia of non-pop hip-hop based music, because one does not simply throw together a collection of (mostly instrumental) more or less underground boom bap beats from the 1999 – 2009 era.  Underground classics, obscure indies, funny b-sides and certified club hits, everything will and shall pass. From Lootpack to Eric Sermon, DJ Shadow to Prefuse 73, Hudson Mohawke to Take, you name it.


Next to being a 1 hour and 20mins guaranteed nostalgia trip, this mix is also a perfect display of how hip hop was always the fertile breeding ground for today’s beat-music. From shuffled drums to static drumcomputer banging, samples to synths, sweet melodies and abstract soundscapes, if the beat nowadays does something that sounds like kick-snare, you’ll find it’s original counterpart here. Because all the tracks are mixed around the 1 minute mark, after only a couple of minutes you’ll be sucked in A short history of sound aesthetic and it’s evolution.


The mix starts off with pure hip hop, and when it ventures more into the 2000′s it branches more into offspring genre’s. This might sound a bit off to the heads that are strictly Producer + MC’s oriented, but as the music gets more diverse it just emphasizes the beauty of hip hop tracks made in the latter part of the decade, that haven’t lost that old-school feeling. It kind of reminds me of graffiti: you can scribble what you want or get your street-arty’ness up on a wall, if it hasn’t got that indescribable funk and flow, it’s not graffiti.


Which brings me to the covers. Another example, like this mix, that sometimes a simple idea is the best way to go. When you drop so many dope beat tracks in 1 mix, you’d better think of a simple but hard hitting way of presenting the tracklist: cassette tape covers laced with tag-styled handwriting. Lovely! If all this hasn’t made you want to check it out, I’ll just drop some more featured names so you will:  Mos Def, Company Flow, High & Mighty, Sound Providers, Busta Rhymes, J-Zone, Common, Cali Agents, Pete Rock, RZA, Slum Village, Jay Dilla, Roots Manuva, Dilated Peoples, DJ Vadim, El-P, Dabrye, Danny Breaks, Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing, Ras G., Loefah, Mike Slott, Budamunky, Rustie, Joker and many more. Trust me, these UK guys got taste.


Check out the mix in the player below or download it here. The artwork is available as a separate pack. Check out the official page on the mix about the guys behind it, why they did it, and when you can check out a lecture (say what?) about it!



Tracklist over here!