suff daddy – suff sells

Suff Daddy - Suff SellsLike they say in that Stereonerds track: “Funk is what you don’t play / it’s the space between events / Funk is what you don’t say / it’s the silence you don’t feel”. If there’s one hip hop based producer who’s got that down to a T, it’s Suff Daddy.


Exactly the reason why you won’t be able to explain his music to a newbie. The moment you’ll say “It has a pretty basic minimal hip hop beat, a bassline, some little synths and usually a 1- or 2-bar sample. Oh and some echoed vocal cuts.” you’ll probably cringe because, although that basically is what he does, it’s nowhere near to how it sounds. “I can’t explain what it’s like, you’ve got to hear it” is a cliché that’s overused and almost used on the wrong music, but it fits Suff.


Next to that, he delivers. Always. This guy obviously can’t be the tortured artist type, but one that just enjoys what he does. Don’t expect drastic changes from release to release, but be aware of the improvements. Don’t go hating on pre-used originals but check out how he flips them. Don’t take this shit too seriously and just enjoy the head-nodding grooves.


With that said, fans of Hi-Hat Club Vol. 2 and The Gin Diaries can already guess what Suff’s latest full-length release, called Suff Sells, is going to sound like: the same but better. (Actually, while I’m writing this, I realize how fitting the title is).  For those not in the know, it has a pretty basic minimal hip hop beat, a bassline. . . ;) Be advised that the German beat Daddy is a beat-tape wizard, so expect a lot of tracks under the 3 minute mark. Like I said it’s samples galore, accompanied by non-intrusive synths and kick-hihat-snare drums.


Compared to his other releases, this 2012 one does has have longer tracks and notably more featurings. Still, they’re six out of 29 tracks, which is the right amount. On this album that lil’ extra is provided by Miles Bonny, Flat Pocket, Fleur Earth, Phat Kat & Elzhi, Hulk Hodn and Vertual Vertigo.  Where the synths were more of an addition on the earlier releases, with almost 30 tracks on the album there’s a nice equilibrium of sampled-tracks and key-played tracks.


More tracks means more of everything: a bit more uptempo tracks, a bit more abstract beats, a bit more interludes, a bit more fun in general. I totally get it if by now you’re still uncertain about what this Suff guy is all about. So why don’t you check out the 2 clips below, and after that buy (digital) or order (vinyl/CD) the album. While you’re at it, show love on Facebook and Twitter. Less is more. Suff is less. Suff Sells.



P.S. Doesn’t that Vertual Vertigo track make you reminische about Deltron? <3