mar – seeing her naked ep [download]

Mar - Seeing Her Naked EP coverI don’t know what’s up with you, but over here it’s warm and cloudy. Time to put some music against that muggy weather, and Mar‘s release “Seeing Her Naked”  from about a month ago hits the spot.


This sensual collabo-beast has been around for a minute, doing tracks with the likes of Full Crate, Suff Daddy, Eric Roberson, Electric Wire Hustle and Oddisee (just to name a few) and dropping 2 releases on the ever soulful Melting Pot Music. With such a featuring roster it’s just extra nice that we can enjoy this 5-track EP for free.


The production on “Seeing Her Naked” is being handled by Mar himself, and two other Amsterdam natives who need no introduction: FS Green and Full Crate. Mar keeps the music on “My Absolute” and “Our Attempt” abstract, slow and warm, while FS and Crate keep a more down-to-earth r&b pace on respectively “Some To Remember” & “Her Past” and “Understand The Game”. I’m not really hot on r&b myself so I can’t point out which tracks could be considered jams on this release, but I did find I was playing the tracks on repeat for over an hour. That should say enough, right?



Download the release at Mar’s website and get your slow grind on through Facebook and Twitter.



Don’t you just love that cover art?