kings – endless fog ep [download]

Kings - Endless Fog EP coverTomorrow (the 15th) Soulection will present their 10th release which, according to the press kit, should be filed under 2Step / Future Bass / Trap. It will be a 16min 5-track EP by Kings, a 21-year old from Swindon (UK), called Endless Fog. FOR FREE.


Anyone who did a little bit of research on electronic music will know that the UK has been a breeding ground for synthesized music that’s just a bit more distinct than the other continents over the globe. Somehow they always know to grab the best elements of a genre, flip them and create something totally awesome: drum and bass, dubstep, grime, 2step, UK garage, you name it. Before that they gave you punk, new wave and trip-hop. In short, there’s no way you can listen to any type of music that isn’t influenced by our British brethren.


To break down “Endless Fog” you can simply take the slow TR-808 driven dirty south drums that dominate the bass scene, and add the joyful sweeping synths of dubstep’s purple sub-genre. This basic amalgamation of elements results in tracks that are way more interesting melodic-wise than dubstep or bass, but keep the same danceable groove as it’s darker counterparts.


Forget those damn dark clubs and give me a pool-party damnit. You can’t listen to these tracks without losing that 9-to-5 frown. Get the release tomorrow today and show Kings some love on Twitter. In the meanwhile listen to and grab the free promo track (not on the EP, exxxxxxxxclusive!) and check out the teaser below.


Much love goes out to Joe Kay for hooking us up with this brilliant release!