subp yao – smoke up, drink up [download]

Subp Yao - Smoke Up, Drink Up coverYou’ve got to hand it to Saturate!Records: since their start they’ve churned out a string of high quality releases, and the new Subp Yao full length release Smoke Up, Drink Up suits that string like soap on a rope.


S!R is effectively putting their name out there as a supplier of heavy bass and freaked-out bleeps by nicely varying their artist roster and sub-genre per release.  Their 5th Long Player by Subp Yao will surely make any juke-hater, like me, take a step back and re-assess that opinion. Reaching out a bit to adjacent bass-styles, Yao easily adds his intense synth programming, enhancing the dancefloor-retarded genre to a level even the most cynical hater can appreciate.


Ofcourse the usual tricks are represented galore: latin rhythm kickdrums, repeating downstepped vocal hits and rattling percussion keep the release nicely in-style. After all, this is pure club-music and nothing else.  Well, it’s pure club-music with the tight and crisp S!R touch. You get what you asked for, straight up.


Get the 808 madness through the Saturate Bandcamp (NYP) and follow Subp Yao on Twitter or Soundcloud.