earnest endeavours – our nest vol. 1 [download]

Earnest Endeavours - Our Nest Vol. 1 coverA message to the (net) label owners: Please stop putting out those dope compilations for free or NYP. We’ve got jobs, hobbies and social lives you know? Thank you.


I’m kidding of course ;) True, it takes a while to wade through all the available free music on the net, but when you’ve finally got some solid leads on quality music it seems that pit is as endless as the crap that’s coming out. I know that it’s pretty standard right now, but for someone growing up in the pre-internet age it never ceases to amaze me how many top notch artists are doing their thing on a regular basis.


After the last two articles were dedicated to more US & global compilation it’s nice to put up something about a UK-based release. The artists themselves are far from British-only and although we live in a global community nowadays, it’s still good to feel a more local culture through the tracklist selection.


And the tracklist is the thing that really sets apart Earnest Endeavours’ compilation called “Our Nest Vol. 1″. It’s not just bass-driven electronic music or hiphop-influenced chilled out beats and bangers. To me this one’s more focusing on the overall funk/groove side of beats.


B. Bravo, J Todd, mfp and Kienra provide well balanced soulful head-nodders, while Widows sets off the contrast with heavy doubletimed percussion tracks. Selfsays takes care of the hiphop side of things, both traditional on the Shigeto remix and contemporary on the starting track “This Year”. Between these two edges sit The Insomniax, combining the forementioned elements into two moody spoken-word’ish contributions, and the more dark static stutter “Frosted Flakes” by¬† Darkhouse Family.


As the Earnest Endeavours website states, this compilation was built on the ruins of a never-released mix for Gilles Peterson Worldwide. Although the mix was canned, it’s pretty obvious why Gilles invited the EE crew to do a cut in the first-place: They obviously have a sharp ear for genre-defying tracks that are still able to please the more mainstream listener.


Get “Our Nest Vol. 1″ through Bandcamp (NYP), check out more EE stuff on their website and connect through Twitter, Facebook or Soundcloud. Check out a compilation of the compilation (…) below.