huh what & where recordings – hw&w vol. 1 [download]

Huh What & Where Recordings - HW&W Vol. 1 coverThe weekend is o-v-e-r, time to cage the inner animal and focus on the daily grind. And what’s better to come home to after a hectic day of work than some laid-back jazzy, soulful melodic instrumentalism? The synth-guys can have the friday and saturday, but come monday evening I just want to put my feet up and become one with the couch.


While Astro Nautico provided the late-night weekend soundtrack, at the same time Huh What & Where Recordings put out HW&W Vol. 1, a compilation that’ll stretch your evening like it’s in slow-motion. Don’t worry, this is no soundtrack to get you to dreamland but it’ll clear your head for sure.


Still being drum-focused, this release captures an insane amount of atmosphere with productions wide enough to fill the room. Ackryte, Al Patron, Bahwee and Co.fee kickstart with sample-heavy tracks, from a moody “Going” to the happy-go-lucky “La Da Di”. At track 5 Elaquent takes over with his hybrid style to pave the way for a tad more electronic tracks by Evil Needle, Juj Koen and Mike Gao. Ohbliv takes it back to sampling with “Bahdiyap” (guess the sample before listening ;) before the last three experimental tracks kick in.


“CMPTBL” by Sango is a deep but also dancefloor-ready minimal kickdrum track which directly gets countered by the fullspread bleeps-on-breaks “Pokyo” by Ta-Ku. TEK.LUN finishes off with some filtered basic drums backed by vocal cuts and wide & spacious chords.


I’m actually way to chilled to think of anything better to say than just get “HW&W Vol. 1″ at Bandcamp for free. Connect with the label through Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud while checkout the clips below.