maximoe – leftovers [download]

Maximoe - Leftovers coverAfter Maximoe introduced us to his new electronic-based style on Lee Spacey’s “Remix EP”, he decided to package some of his older work and share it for free through a collection called Leftovers. Already being picked up by sites as The Find Mag and Producers I Know it’s getting the props it deserves. But a little more exposure never hurts, eh?


In shrill contrast to his PLF remix this half-hour package is strictly instrumental hiphop. Comprised of 12 tracks made purely out of sampled boom bap drums and 70s soulful samples, “Leftovers” is your typical producer showcase release as we did back in the days to get the attention of MC’s. Nowadays the focus has shifted away from the rappers, giving the beatmakers an opportunity to shine. An ideal moment in time to dust off those loops and give them the props they deserve.


Away with the broken grooves, warped cuts and synths, in with the sliced bars and drums we love so much. People tend to discard the art of cutting loops, arguementing that this kind of production is easy, lazy and non-creative like the only thing you need is a good original to sample.  The art of crate digging has diminished through the power of the internet, but don’t forget that sampling itself is a “make-do” artform. It’s easy to say starting something from scratch is more creative than using something already made beforehand, sure, but is it true? I beg to differ wholeheartedly.


Those who support that statement forget that hiphop producers and beatmakers have been the problem solvers of our time. While composers and producers of non-sample based music get choose their own ingredients to cook a meal, beatmakers are the ones that get handed a bag of groceries someone else picked, with only the herbs, spices and knowledge they already possess to add extra flavor. And it’s the flavor we’re focusing on, in stead of brewing up something that sounds technically awesome in the recipe, but tastes like shit.


If you’ve ever seen a decent cookery program on TV you already the set-up for a Michelin star meal: keeping it basic with proper ingredients so as to retaining as much as the original flavor. And that’s exactly what Maximoe did: taking the nicest samples, slicing in stead of dicing them, and serving them on a platter of thick drums.


If “Leftovers” is any forebode of the quality Maximoe will display on his future electronic beats, I can’t wait till he’s ready to share his new tracks with us. Get “Leftovers” from Bandcamp for free, and hook up with Max through Twitter and Facebook.