niwa – no skills, no shame, just funk [download]

niwa - no skills, no shame, just funk coverMy friends of the Amsterdam-based Bang ‘n Mash collective provide in a pretty unique niché here in the Netherlands. Of course blending and mashing “ain’t nuthin’ new”, but the styles they attack are pretty much underthe radar in our little import/export country: (nu) funk, breaks, liquid dnb… as long as it’s got a pretty positive vibe and a hell of a groove, they’ll rack’m and stack’m!


When they told me they liked some of the older sets I did and asked me to do a guest mix for their spot on Ramp Shows, I was pretty flattered, excited and even a little bit scared: Up until this point I had only done pretty easy sets with hiphop oldies, beats and dance music. Now putting together a collection of music that isn’t really on the top of your focal point, and blending tracks that don’t have a lot of to easy mixing points, was something new to me.


It also was a good excuse to finally clean up my music collection and rummage through stuff I collected, catalogued, but never really took the time to listen to. And it’s the best thing to do if you ever get bored with all the new stuff around. Just listen, listen, listen to all those releases you woefully cast aside for no reason, and discover those little gems you didn’t even know you had lying around.


In the end I sifted through about 80 albums and a hundred-or-so EP’s and 12″s, picked 132 tracks and ditches 112 of them. Before we go on to the mix and tracklist, be sure to check out the Ramp Shows blog (and their radio show ofcourse) and  the Bang ‘n Mash site, Soundcloud (which holds a lot of original edits and great mixes)  or parties!


Are you up for an hour of funk, nu-funk, breaks, funky house, and a couple of golden oldies? Listen below and download it for free!




01. Nicole Willis and The Soul Investigators – Holdin’ On
02. Mr. President – Meet Again ft. Mr. Day
03. Mark Ronson – The Only One I Know ft. Robbie Williams
04. Captain Planet – On Yer Feet
05. Alice Russell – All Alone (Captain Planet remix)
06. Mayer Hawthorne – A Long Time
07. Caro Emerald – Back It Up
08. Alice Russell – Got The Hunger (Llorca’s remix)
09. Smoove – The Revolution Will Be Televised
10. Kraak & Smaak – One Of These Days
11. Opensouls – In Your Hands (Zimpala remix)
12. Outlines – Just a Lil’ Lovin’ (DJ Edit)
13. Buscemi – Seaside ft. Isabella Antena
14. Novika – Round The Bar
15. Drumattic Twins – Soul Flower
16. Soul Of Man – Dirty Waltzer
17. The Beginerz – Restless Girl
18. The Wiseguys – Ooh La La
19. Dub Pistols – Cyclone
20. Justin Timberlake – Damn Girl ft. Will. I. Am