lee spacey – remix ep [download]

Lee Spacey - Remix EP coverI love remix releases, because they usually go two ways: either you get a powerhouse compilation of established artists’ tracks, or you get an exciting  package with names you’ve never seen before. In both cases variance is key, which is always a good thing.


Normally I’ll listen to the original release before checking out the remixes, but when one track is being redone 3 times I get a bit excited and skip ahead. It’s kinda like an event witnessed by three different people, each telling it in their own way, without you knowing what exactly happened.


On “Remix EP” are 5 remixes and two previously unreleased tracks produced by Lee Spacey himself. Although tagged as ‘beats’ it reminds me more of early IDM, back when it was just spaced out electronic music and before it became a general denominator for ‘weird’. Let’s do a little track-by-track on this one.


01 – PLF, remixed by Maximoe is an electronic downtempo but groovy track. It features a hypnotizing glide synth with subtle drums, which are topped with a sparkling synth and some really sweet edited vocals.

02 – PLF, remixed by NICKLOGISTIC, who keeps the spaciness intact but throws some heavy shuffle induced drums with lo-fi percussion cuts on it.


03 – TIMED remix by Mute Speaker is a bass-laden track with a more steady beat-rythm. There’s some real nice degrading on the pads, which are accompanied by little sparks of 8-bit arps.

04 – TIMED remix by mezZo puts a glistening bended lead over those pads which are accompanied by resonating early 90′s trance saw-waves.

05 – TIMED comes back again, now as Oddlogic‘s version which ventures a bit more into dubstep territory. There’s loads of effected stuff going on in the background, which is balanced nicely by the minimalstic lead melodics.

06 – Thrift Store Piff Gang – Money & Molly remix brings back the pads from TIMED, but now they’re placed on top of a hollow deep kick and alternative raps.

07 – Set Trip by SupaSmashBruthaz has a head-nodding hip hop beat with slightly distorted vocals and a Stephen King’ish bell melody drifting in the background.


All tracks are pretty serious late night material, when you can just shut out everything around you and crawl into the speakers. The overall mastering and mixing could be a bit more exciting, but that’s really a matter of my own taste.


Head over to the Lee Spacey Bandcamp to grab it, name-your-price style. The original tracks are off the Mesosphere album, which is backed by Outlier Recordings. Other links are:

-Lee Spacey Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

-Outlier Recordings Facebook / Twitter