dzd – beattape vol. 3 & remixes [download]

DZD Beattape Vol. 3 coverOn March 10th, the Dutch collective DubbelZoDwars (rougly translated twice as stubborn) dropped the third volume in their Beattape series, followed on March 18th by a collection of remixes. On this volume the producers from the so-called ‘farmer’ region Twente make it clear they’re not the simple hillbillies that people often mistake them for.


The description of the DZD collective on their website is pretty vague, apart for the fact that they aim to be a platform for “music, dance, art & culture”. Their focus lies not so much on a competitive aspect, but on connecting people in a more social manner.

Their own posts about the releases won’t give you any information whatsoever either, and that’s actually the reason the package was already gathering digital dust in my download folder. After running into our homeboy Toni Shift, who is featured on the release, he reminded me to have a listen. And I’m glad I did.


The 17-track release is for the most part what it says: a beattape. Because it’s a compilation of several artists a lot of beat-flavors are represented, which gives it a nice and varied taste. The hiphop oriented listener can chill out on sample-tracks like AJ x Beats’ “Citylights”, Congo Beats’ “In Ya Booth” and of course Toni’s contribution “The Return”.


BS80 and Jongbloed lay down some staggering raw electro funk with their tracks “Easy Rider (A’right Player)” and “Don’t Need ‘Em”, while “Intro” by Joe-L and We.Zen’s “Freequensea” touch a darker dubstep based vibe. Both Jongbloed and BS80 also contributed more new styled beats, as well as Magama. Fans of more atmospheric-based tracks will bug out on “Moor”, “Old Reliable Gordo” and “Your Love”.

Next to these grounded sub-genres comes Knarsetand with “Eastern Promises”, which starts out as a SAE-infused tabla track, but ends as a d&b killer.


On “The Remixes Vol. 3″ Toni Shift returns with 2 remixes of the Beatmonsters’ track “Blossom”, as well as 8 other reworks by Blulce, Actodi, Sefrijn, 681Footwork and Young Hand. Most of these remixes are more 4/4 dancefloor oriented kickdrum tracks.

Both the release and the remix pack are of pretty high quality and definitely worth checking out.  You can get them for free at the DZD Bandcamp page.