gramatik – #digitalfreedom [download]

  • Gramatik - #DigitalFreedom cover
  • The Slovenian-origin artist known as Gramatik already had some dope releases on his name, and after dropping his last hip-hop/synth hybrid album “No Shortcuts“ on Cold Busted in 2011, it was obvious he would fit in perfectly with the US-based Pretty Lights Music.   I came to know about Gramatik through his first three editions […]

khaderbai – d’schildchrodd [download]

  • Khaderbai - D'Schildchrodd cover
  • The vocal cuts on the intro of Khaderbai’s free release “D’Schildchrodd” say it all.  ‘Diggin’ up old tunes / that’s a life for me / and chillin’ with my best friend / who’s name is MPC’ may sound like a cliché uttered by conservative b-boys stuck in a 90′s mindset, but for those who actually […]

vic crezée – is white boy wasted

  • Vic Crezée - Is White Boy Wasted cover
  • Vic Crezée has been making noise as a DJ for over ten years now, and after shedding his former name Lil’ Vic it seems lil’ genius has fully entered manhood by drafting his own solo clubnight at Amsterdam’s Jimmy Woo on the 30th of June.   Starting out as a hip hop DJ, Vic quickly […]

blaktroniks – blow you remix contest [download]

  • Blaktroniks - Ready, Set, Blow cover
  • The Stan Smith remix contest only ended a short while ago and already Tokyo Dawn Records opened up a new one. This time you can rework the eclectic Blaktroniks beat-track “Blow You ft. Exes4Eyes”. No raps to work with this time, but the hauntingly beautiful vocalism of Exes4Eyes.   For those who don’t know the […]

jesse futerman: super basement ep & fuse the witches ep [download]

  • Jesse Futerman - Fuse The Witches EP cover
  • Out of the JusLikeMusic stables comes the new Jesse Futerman EP, but since the previous one is still up for free, let’s hit them both: “Super Basement EP“ and “Fuse The Witches EP“ are two packs filled with sweet laid-back downtempo beats.   Released on the 20th of June, 2011, “Super Basement EP” was a […]

living in a shell – earthlings [download]

  • Living In A Shell - Earthlings cover
  • After slowly oozing into the music scene during the 90′s and peaking hard in the early 2000′s, downtempo suddenly disappeared, only leaving traces of its existence through the stripped-down version we know as lounge. The lack of interest isn’t really hard to explain: the music is instrumental and intense, the mood usually tends to be […]

mc melodee & cookin soul – check out melodee [download]

  • MC Melodee & Cookin Soul - Check Out Melodee cover
  • Whoop, time for some more music to get into the summer vibes. Melodee dropped a mixtape through DatPiff, putting oldschool positive hip-hop vibes in a 2012 coating. Most of the production is handled by the Spanish trio Cookin Soul, but it also features contributions by Chuck Inglish (The Cool Kids), Griffi (Soló Los Solo) and […]

digitalfishphones – fish fillets vst [download]

  • Digitalfishphones - Fish FIllets
  • One thing I love about audio tools (whether they’re digital or analog) is that they’re like regular tools. Take a hammer for example: according to Wikipedia the tool as we know it was first put together around 30.000 BC. A stick with a piece of rock attached to the top. 32.012 years later there are […]

mar – seeing her naked ep [download]

  • Mar - Seeing Her Naked EP cover
  • I don’t know what’s up with you, but over here it’s warm and cloudy. Time to put some music against that muggy weather, and Mar‘s release “Seeing Her Naked”  from about a month ago hits the spot.   This sensual collabo-beast has been around for a minute, doing tracks with the likes of Full Crate, […]

lean back #5 – promo mixes / win tickets [download]

  • Lean Back #5 flyer
  • It’s almost time for the 5th edition of Lean Back! Man time goes fast, it feels like yesterday when Sands & Skidz were asked by Tivoli to do a hip hop club night. What started out as a toes-in-the-water event, to see if there’s still a place for our #1 style in the upperground of […]