niwa – take you there

  • Ableton Bag black
  • A dear friend who recently moved to Berlin dropped by this weekend for a quick visit and gave me this really nifty Ableton padded bag as a gift. As I was walking around with it today I kinda felt like a douche because the bag obviously states ‘I do music’, and I feel my production […]

blaktroniks – blow you remix contest [download]

  • Blaktroniks - Ready, Set, Blow cover
  • The Stan Smith remix contest only ended a short while ago and already Tokyo Dawn Records opened up a new one. This time you can rework the eclectic Blaktroniks beat-track “Blow You ft. Exes4Eyes”. No raps to work with this time, but the hauntingly beautiful vocalism of Exes4Eyes.   For those who don’t know the […]

digitalfishphones – fish fillets vst [download]

  • Digitalfishphones - Fish FIllets
  • One thing I love about audio tools (whether they’re digital or analog) is that they’re like regular tools. Take a hammer for example: according to Wikipedia the tool as we know it was first put together around 30.000 BC. A stick with a piece of rock attached to the top. 32.012 years later there are […]

stan smith – disco technic remix contest [download]

  • Stan Smith - The Get Up Movement cover
  • Stan Smith dropped “The Get Up Movement“ late january on Tokyo Dawn Records, an album featuring production by the likes of Daz-I-Kue (Bugz In The Attic), Soulparlor, Rahgroove and Yellowtail. As per tradition they’ve launched a remix contest, and it’s the groovy electonic Disco Technic that gets a treatment this time!   For the contest […]

sonimus – soneq vst [download]

  • Sonimus SonEq 1.1
  • I’ve been a humble fan of Resound‘s music since the late ’90s, and became an even bigger fan of the weekly tips section of his website. Yesterday he posted an article about Sonimus‘ free EQ plug-in called SonEQ 1.1.   The review basically lists the features of the plugin and the reason Ilpo likes them. […]