coldsweat – swipe mix volume 7 [download]

  • ColdSweat - Swipe Mix Volume 7 cover
  • Queensday and Liberation Day came and went.¬† It may be nothing for our non-NL readers, but we guys are pretty big on these 2 events that take place within one week. So now it’s back to life, back to reality and most and foremost: back to music.   Let’s start of easy. Well text-wise that […]

earnest endeavours – our nest vol. 1 [download]

  • Earnest Endeavours - Our Nest Vol. 1 cover
  • A message to the (net) label owners: Please stop putting out those dope compilations for free or NYP. We’ve got jobs, hobbies and social lives you know? Thank you.   I’m kidding of course ;) True, it takes a while to wade through all the available free music on the net, but when you’ve finally […]

huh what & where recordings – hw&w vol. 1 [download]

  • Huh What & Where Recordings - HW&W Vol. 1 cover
  • The weekend is o-v-e-r, time to cage the inner animal and focus on the daily grind. And what’s better to come home to after a hectic day of work than some laid-back jazzy, soulful melodic instrumentalism? The synth-guys can have the friday and saturday, but come monday evening I just want to put my feet […]

astro nautico – atlantics vol. 2 [download]

  • Astro Nautico - Atlantics Vol. 2 cover
  • Where the party at? It’s at your place, sponsored by Astro Nautico who released their “Atlantics Vol. 2“ compilation. Where Vol. 1 was actually a 7-track EP released in 2009, now the Astro crew outdid themselves on the second volume by making it a massive compilation spanning 43 tracks. That’s over 2 hours of contemporary […]

maximoe – leftovers [download]

  • Maximoe - Leftovers cover
  • After Maximoe introduced us to his new electronic-based style on Lee Spacey’s “Remix EP”, he decided to package some of his older work and share it for free through a collection called “Leftovers“. Already being picked up by sites as The Find Mag and Producers I Know it’s getting the props it deserves. But a […]

julien dyne – glimpse

  • Julien Dyne - Glimpse cover
  • While the Opensouls went from their hiphop influenced debut to a more modern soul sophmore release, their drummer Julien Dyne stunted and went a bit opposite. After his 2009 electronic soul album called “Pins & Digits” he released his more hiphop/beat influenced “Glimpse“ on the never disappointing BBE label.   Ok that might sound like […]

elaquent – the scenic route

  • Elaquent - The Scenic Route cover
  • If there’s one guy that never fails to deliver on each new release, it’s Elaquent. On the 28th of March, the french Stillmuzik label put out his 2012 release called “The Scenic Route“.   It’s amazing to hear how flawlessly “The Scenic Route” falls in line with his earlier released “In Color“ series. Each release […]

lomechanik – ondergrond [download]

  • Lomechanik - Ondergrond cover
  • “Ondergrond” is yet another great NYP (name your price) compilation, this time from the Dutch label Lomechanik. This one’s strictly filled with crisp newstyled beats. I hear you saying “Lomechwhut?”, but these guys have been putting out releases on the net, vinyl and CD since the early 2000′s. Which makes it extra nice that you […]

galus – futura

  • Galus - Futura cover
  • After review Kixnare’s 2010 album I started checking out the label’s catalogue: U Know Me Records. To my delight I also saw releases by Daniel Drumz and Envee, but hey… the stuff you don’t know is usually more interesting, right? Usually I skip over titles that contain some kind variation of the word “Future”, because […]

lee spacey – remix ep [download]

  • Lee Spacey - Remix EP cover
  • I love remix releases, because they usually go two ways: either you get a powerhouse compilation of established artists’ tracks, or you get an exciting¬† package with names you’ve never seen before. In both cases variance is key, which is always a good thing.   Normally I’ll listen to the original release before checking out […]