oby nine – weightless [download]

  • Oby Nine - Weightless cover
  • Just when I thought I was saturated with that 8-bit fake sound and could take no more, a link to Oby Nine‘s January release “Weightless” drifted by in my Facebook newsfeed (what up Maximoe!). Ok I never had a Nintendo Gameboy but I did grow up in the late 80s/early 90s a.k.a. the golden era […]

ill.gates – autopirate

  • Ill.Gates - Autopirate cover
  • Some people call cleanliness the ultimate virtue. They probably didn’t have audio in mind on that statement, but if they had, Ill.Gates aka The Phat Conductor would be declared a saint after his 2008 release called “Autopirate“.   Combine electro-hop, glitch, dubstep and funky breaks with a real crisp production style and you’ve got the […]

alexis davis – 3

  • Alexis Davis - 3 cover
  • I want to start off by thanking the Expansions Collective for dropping this promo in our inbox. Of course we always feel blessed by all the promo’s we get, no matter who sends it or whether it fits the site. But when I read that Alexis Davis isn’t actually one guy but 4 of my […]

iamichi – edit:one [download]

  • HeartsBeats filler image
  • Time to drop a personal favorite mix of mine: “Edit:One” by Ichi, who was known as DJ Irie when he did the set back in 2001. I can’t really recall where I got this, but seeing the release date and the ultra-laid back vibe I’m sure I have to credit Mentz.   Returning readers are […]

electronic explorations – ee compilation

  • Electronic Explorations -EE Compilation cover
  • Hey readers! I would like you to take a second off the music, and turn that second in a couple of minutes to think about all your favorite music-oriented blogs/podcasts/netlabels/e-zines/etc. What- or whoever your favorite is, you can be certain they started out small, doing what they do because of the love for the music. […]

adam f – colours [classic]

  • Adam F - Colours cover
  • Since music is timeless and quality does not deteriorate throughout the years, let’s shed some light on albums that we consider classic now and then. Starting with the drum & bass crossover “Colours“ album by Adam F.   Although the album is classified as drum & bass (intelligent if you want to box it), it’s […]

gramatik – #digitalfreedom [download]

  • Gramatik - #DigitalFreedom cover
  • The Slovenian-origin artist known as Gramatik already had some dope releases on his name, and after dropping his last hip-hop/synth hybrid album “No Shortcuts“ on Cold Busted in 2011, it was obvious he would fit in perfectly with the US-based Pretty Lights Music.   I came to know about Gramatik through his first three editions […]

urkelle – when her language goes on holiday ep

  • Urkelle - When Her Language Goes On Holiday cover
  • The latest Lomechanik release is by one of the many monikers of Utrecht-based Steve Mensink, of which we had the pleasure to check out the live set in Club Up (Amsterdam) last saturday. Accompanied by vocalist Loes Jongerling and his self-made midi controllers the humble man highlighted the evening with his syncopated rhythms and original […]

khaderbai – d’schildchrodd [download]

  • Khaderbai - D'Schildchrodd cover
  • The vocal cuts on the intro of Khaderbai’s free release “D’Schildchrodd” say it all.  ‘Diggin’ up old tunes / that’s a life for me / and chillin’ with my best friend / who’s name is MPC’ may sound like a cliché uttered by conservative b-boys stuck in a 90′s mindset, but for those who actually […]

shawn lee – synthesizers in space

  • Shawn Lee - Synthesizers In Space cover
  • You know that retro-hipster look, with the lumberjack shirts, skinny jeans, beards and nerdy glasses? I’d totally believe that on you, on one condition: if you played Shawn Lee‘s new album, appropriately entitled “Synthesizers In Space“, all day.   We’ve had a lot of emerging throwback styles over the last couple of years, from UK’s […]