saine – lifelike

  • Saine - Lifelike cover
  • Raise your hand if you know an artist that you’ve been following for over a decade and who has, music-wise, never disappointed you. Ever. I’ve got a couple, but the most consistent one has recently dropped his 4th full-length album: Saine‘s ‘Lifelike‘.   I (and Google, for that matter) can’t even recall the first Saine […]

keynote speakerz – the record [download]

  • Keynote Speakerz - Record cover
  • To celebrate the 5th anniversary of their 2007 “Record“ album, the (so far) one-off project of Master Surreal and Skiggy Rapz as Keynote Speakerz will be available for download over the next two weeks! The cost? Name Your Price, also known as free.   Although the release is now 5 years old, it still is […]

tryezz – night driven ep [download]

  • Tryezz - Night Driven EP cover
  • Since the beginning of funk music, it has been re-invented every 10 years or so, under different names. In essence I always like to break it down into two types: funk played by traditional bands and electronic funk. Both styles will withstand the test of time, no questions asked: People will want to get their […]

cloud. – bandit veranda [download]

  • Cloud. - Bandit Veranda cover
  • Clouds are formed by nature, and nature does what it pleases. You can say the same for the music by Cloud., who put out his latest release called “Bandit Veranda“ last night. You can argue whether it’s a mini-album (runtime: 30mins) or a beattape, both terms won’t do justice to this organic piece of work. […]

the xx – coexist

  • The XX - Coexist cover
  • Yeah it’s here and it leaked: “Coexist” by The xx. Let’s start off by stressing the fact that they really do deserve a place within the beat genre. Mainstream media might call them Indie Pop, others would classify them as rock, singer/songwriter or even folktronica. But as their first selftitled album already felt like it […]

mecca:83 – sketchbook pieces [download]

  • Mecca:83 - Sketchbook Pieces cover
  • Isn’t that nice? After finishing his work on the Alexis Davis project, British producer Evan Jones a.k.a. Rise a.k.a. Mecca:83 brings you a free compilation of tracks he has put on the web over the last year or so. That’s not nice, it’s freakin’ awesome!   Why is it awesome? 1. It’s free, c’mon you […]

samiyam – sam baker’s album

  • Samiyam - Sam Baker's Album cover
  • After 2008′s “Rap Beats Vol. 1“ I was eagerly waiting for a new Samiyam release. 2009 came and went, and by the time 2010 reached it’s end I must shamefully admit that the whole artist profile was pushed back into some scarcely visited part of my brain. When “Sam Baker’s Album“ dropped in June of […]

clear soul forces – detroit revolution(s) [download]

  • Clear Soul Dorces - Detroit Revolution(s) cover
  • Time to get back to basics. Since hip hop is making good money for years now, the focus has shifted to bank accounts, fortune and fame. For those who were only exposed to our beloved genre when it hit mainstream, it wasn’t always that way. Now I don’t want to start a whole rant about […]

thebigupmagazine – future sounds of san diego [download]

  • The Big Up Magazine - Future Sounds of San Diego cover
  • I recently ran into this crazy November 2011 release by Big Up Magazine. Powered by Dataset, “Future Sounds Of San Diego” features 19 tracks by San Diego based beat-producers who deliver over 80 minutes of high-quality bass-driven tracks.   Whereas a lot of location-based compilations focus purely on the geographical aspect, disregarding any cohesion in […]

birdview crew – august.ep [download]

  • Birdview Crew - August EP cover
  • The worldwide Birdview Crew has been dropping free monthly releases since May 2012, and they take the term beats in the broadest sense. Whether it’s downtempo,  hip hop, housey, dubstep’ish, new- or old-styled instrumentals, if it’s worth listening to, they’ll take it. So here it is: “The August.EP“.   Calling it an EP doesn’t really […]