bang ‘n mash (13/06/01) opening sets by bassconnect and niwa [download]

  • Bang 'n Mash 13/06/01 flyer
  • On June 1st Bang ‘n Mash did their last party before the summer stop at Canvas Op de 7e (Amsterdam / NL) with The Funk Hunters as headliners. Supporting this awesome audio/video duo were Snowy D., Formula 75, Bassconnect and yours truly. At the height of the party the sweet club overlooking Amsterdam from the […]

spinnin’ presents cr∆ck: event and promo videos

  • CR∆CK flyer
  • After incorporating Bass and Trap into their successful b-monthly Hip Hop night Lean Back, the Spinnin’ crew decided it was time to set up shop and organize a party dedicated purely to Trap and Bass. The result is the 100% DIY organized and financed event on the 17th of May (next Friday!) called CR∆CK.   […]

sands & skidz – raw basics promo mixes

  • Raw Basics 130516 flyer
  • The day before launching their new party CR∆CK (more on that in later posts), Sands & Skidz are playing the main stage at Raw Basics (Ekko / Utrecht / NL) on May 16th. They will be lining up with Mudde, BeeVee and Raw Basics’ residents Mok-C and F.K.A.. The lounge will be taken over by […]

funkommunity – chequered thoughts

  • Funkommunity - Chequered Thoughts cover
  • Starting out somewhere in the 90′s, Nu Funk was an almost strictly European/North American thing. Scoring a just a couple of hits in the charts and garnering a niche audience, it didn’t really take off before merging with Hip Hop and Big Beat into a more mainstream style. And so the continental fella’s thought they […]

dia – bang [download]

  • Dia - Bang internet cover
  • There’s no better way to end a blogging hibernation than by posting a release one of your own people did. Definitely if he’s dropped a tight mix depicting exactly what popular Trap music is about at this very moment, and also since it’s his first public mix in y-e-a-r-s.   Being a Hip Hop Uomo […]

niwa – 2012: the year the world didn’t end [download]

  • niwa - 2012: The Year The World Didn't End cover
  • Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a great celebration with your friends, and ofcourse with good music. Since 2012 has passed on into 2013, here’s a little 1-hour recap of some great tunes (tracklist below the Soundcloud player). Beware, because this might be TOO FUTURE for you! Enjoy, and all the best for […]

ini movement – de gulden snede [download]

  • INI Movement - De Gulden Snede cover
  • Yesterday the INI Movement released their first compilation, called “De Gulden Snede”. One glance at the tracklist quickly underlines the title, which is the Dutch translation for the golden ratio. The roster for this 14-track release boasts all digital artists, with a division between the more electronic side and the more natural side of music. […]

dj sands – sands is spinnin’ [download]

  • Spinnin logo
  • Yes! Another dope bass-heavy mix by Spinnin’s DJ Sands. Aptly timed for the local Fuse party (Utrecht / NL) headlining Lunice tonight, and a nice warm-up for the next Lean Back party next Month. In this set called ‘Sands Is Spinnin’ the resident LB DJ serves a blended platter of Hiphop, Trap and Bass.   […]

letherette – ep

  • Letherette - EP cover
  • Some beats are to sing over, others are to lace raps on, and then there are beats that just are. Already two years old, Letherette’s “EP“ hasn’t aged a day and still sounds as fresh as the first time I heard it. This duo from Wolverhampton (UK)’s first release drenches soulful hiphop-like vibe, without actually […]

umoja – palago [download]

  • Umoja - Palago cover
  • Some talk dirty about re-edits, some just like to dance and don’t care one bit. I used to be opposed to it a lot, but throughout the years it dawned on me that re-edits are just a silent lesson as sampling in general is: they are showcasing (parts of) both the hits and forgotten gems […]